Great love lies beneath eternity
bleeding great sweat from lonely people’s hearts.
Live gentle - for old feelings cannot die.

Believe looking back eighteen hundred years
from Bethlehem - people lived from books - like barns-
because evolution found old love
burning like burning barns - barns people lived in
for eighteen hundred years.
Look what love has done for life -
Very old barns only cover horse’s heads now.

Break away from for people fades away.
Eternity cools old love from looking old -
God’s old cool evolution.
Barns look like old love looking for some love for new life,
but barns don’t fold up like old folded love.

Barns become like offerings, giving God every board -
for barns feel another kind of love for God.
Love for beauty of life.
God loves beautiful barns all folding every board
by looking into love.

God looks at people as old barns
and comes for lots of folding boards for his fireplace.
People love fires because love eliminates love
by burning people’s faces -
like fireplaces burn boards from beautiful barns.


Feel fire break faces, and see fools flood fool’s faces,
and see great cool faces flood barns away...oh, far away.
Only barns...old barns, break great love from books
flowing far away down love’s old book, only book
of fractured books of barns...oh, barns fractured from fire
from people’s broken hearts -
leaving people bleeding broken blood -
like flowers from broken fool’s borrowed prayers.

Great from...oh, great love - a fact from God.
Broken fools blame burning flames for breaking faces
and flames around fractured boards...
Oh, you only look for another fireplace
growling from love.

(written 1979)