Never look for love -
because remember, only looking
brings a blinding result.
Love only becomes beautiful
if nobody begins looking.
Look at tomorrow
and begin a friendship
by not looking for love.

Enough love...
enough love looks like bleeding,
long ever-flowing brooks -
fast moving
and looking for a long way to run.
Oh, almost rolling
but never even for a place to stop -
because love
brings lots of wonderful
flowing brooks
looking for empty streams,
very long,
together flowing with beautiful love,
but also blending together
a freedom - leaving both
borrowing from the other -
and letting beautiful, bonding,
bountiful places
for love to find.

Bountiful complete brooks...
long brooks-
for only long brooks
can love freedom,
for love needs long, bountiful brooks
beginning from short little love -
looking...oh, looking
for long beautiful love.

( written 1979 )