Dedicated in Loving Memory
to Mark and Steven
by your Cousin, Nancy

"March of the Roses"
In memory of your life –
My mission of love resides deep within.
For you, my blood lives like the blood
from the Sun flowing through the roses
in this March held just for you.
The color of pale pink kissed with peach
shimmers with glitter shed from angel's
wings. There is no evil where you dwell.
My enemies kept you from my sight but
cannot hold their candles to the rose I
hold for you in my Soul. Memories the
three of us shared are only ours to own.
March we will against the keepers of
darkness and hate. Together we meet
when my eyes close in sleep –
For the March of the Roses will be the
strength of our youth. Only we as three
know what we keep in our hearts that
no others can find to strip away.
Remember me…we will play catch
among the stars. We will share life
together again, as the rose never dies
and the blood it holds flows through
us as one, never to be shed as tears.

~ Nancy Stokes Shewchuk
copyright April 8, 2017