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These paintings have been either sold, given as gifts, or are a part
of my personal gallery.  They are here for your viewing pleasure and to
give you an idea of what and how I have painted to date. If some of you
remember my "Spirit Art," they are no longer for purchase as I am going
to be putting a book together with them and are accompanied
with messages I have written from the Spirit of their essence.

"Rhonda's Window"

 "My Angel"

"The John D"




"Matijila Poppy"

"Pink Poppies & Chair"

 "Sunflower Power"










"Colorful Angel"

"Clouds Descending"

"Transparent Blossom"




"Sanctuary Door"


"Spirit Children
Entering the Forest"




"For Dee Dee"

"Cat and Arch"

"Elements Blending"




"The Chakras"

"Angel by the Sea"

"Chakra Splash"




"Girl Sitting Under a Tree"

"The Great Northwest"

"Here Comes Bobby"




"Kayaking in Glocester"

"Blue Door"

"Temple Ruins Across the Nile"





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