I call myself a “truth seeker,” because since age 15 I have searched for answers about God, life after death, and the truth about my place in the universe. Thirty-nine years later, I still call myself a “truth seeker,” but now I have a foundation for my beliefs. Through reading, research, experimentation, practice, and experience, I have reached a comfortable level in my search for answers about God and the universe.

I had read about “automatic writing,” but I didn’t begin to practice it until the premature loss of a beloved family member. My husband and I lived in Idaho at the time and we were unable to return home to Rhode Island for the funeral. Heartbroken and wanting to communicate with him, my life of practicing “automatic writing” began.

It has been the most consistent form of writing for me. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t communicate with someone or something through my writing. Even though there is no tangible proof of the source of my writings through various entities, I know in my heart and soul, some of the many. I would never ask anyone to believe my experiences as I have come to know them, for they are just experiences.

Many years of writing passed before I learned that it was important to protect myself from evil or harmful entities, and the writings in the “Unknown Entities” category were written before I began to protect myself through prayer. Since that time, before I write, I silently recite the Lord’s Prayer, or the Prayer of Nostradamus, which I love! It is as follows:

Dear God,
I ask for protection and guidance
in order to allow the positive forces of the universe
to flow into my life.
I ask that you oversee my every breath,
and provide me with the things I most need,
both material and spiritual - AMEN

There is so much freedom when I write - it is comforting to communicate with nature, animals, angels, and those who have passed on from earth life. There are no limitations - the universe is an “information highway”...and I travel in the express lane! It is a fantastic journey - I thank God for instilling in me the perseverance needed to fulfill my goal - the search for truth along the never ending path of conscious awareness.

Thank you for reading my the light, NANCY