I am the wind.
I blow across your earth in every direction.
I play there. I have many forms.
I am the gentle breeze that feels nice against your face
in summer - I blow your hair so it feels alive!
Springtime is when I take on fierce weather storms -
I am very mean and cause loss of life when I am part
of a hurricane or tornado. It is my nature to be many
forms as I am a lesson to people on earth.

Sometimes I am your friend, and other times
I am your enemy -
combined with rain, ice and snow -
I remain troublesome.
Take shelter until I calm down.
God made wind to let you see life in trees
by moving their branches and leaves.
Wind moves great waters, so beware when riding oceans
for wind across the sea can become dangerous.

I have many friends being wind.
I like to play with leaves and trees, water and sand -
There would be no movement without wind -
You can't see me. I am invisible.
Wouldn't you love to be me for a day?
All you see is what I leave behind -
You see where I have been,
and I can be everywhere all at the same time.
Close your eyes and come fly with me.
I will teach you the way of the wind.