( Dedicated To Our Boston Bruins-1972 Stanley Cup Champs )

The men who skate in black, white and gold,
Bring tears of joy to fans young and old.
You know who they are from "one" to "thirty,"
Their friends call them "bold" - their foes call them "dirty".
The greatest team ever in history, by far,
They're the "Boston Bruins" - one by one, here they are.

Eddie J. is a goalie-his number is "1,"
A shutout for him is a job well done.
What can you say about number "4,"
But that he's a superstar-he's named "Bobby Orr."
He's not the best on defense, but needless to say,
"Teddy Green," number " 6," has come a long way.
The "slot" is where number "7" gets his thrill,
As a bat is to "Yaz," a stick is to "Phil."
This figure "8" belongs to "Ken Hodge, "
He's great on right wing, and those checks he can dodge.
"John Bucyk," the chief, number "9" is he,
In the penalty box you seldom will see.
"Carol" looks like "16,"
but he wears number "10,"
From the Seals he is one of our defensive men.
His position is center, his number is "11,"
"Mike" skates somewhat like our "magnificent 7."
He's great with his fists, as you all well know,
Number "12" is "Wayne Cashman", look at him go!
"14" on left wing has a pretty good stride,
If we can only keep the "Ace" on side.
"Sandy" is one of the best I have seen,
In the face-off circle, he's number "16."
"Fred Stanfield," a center, is sandwiched between,
McKenzie and Bucyk, he wears "17."
"18" is "Ed Westfall," he's hard to knock down,
In hockey he's one of the best all around.
It's number "19" as they change on the fly,
He's fast and he's tough, but he's called "Johnny Pie."
Here comes "Dallas Smith," get out of the way!
Number "20" will take you right out of the play.
His name is "Don Marcotte," he wears "21,"
At penalty killing, he gets the job done.
He wears "26," they all call him, "Don, "
At blocking those shots, he's always right-on.
As far as the "blue line" you sometimes will see,
A man wearing "30," "Jerry Cheevers," is he.
Last but not least we give thanks to our coach,
Tom Johnson is the man with the right approach.
So, fans here they are, to sum it all up,
Now let's cheer them on to winning the "cup"