I feel lost in your southern homes
mistreated by farmers.
In your nice factories
we are processed into burgers.
Over all, I measure earth life
by my brother's existence.
Go over your practices of Religion;
Read your Grails of pure living.
Glue sticks better from my cousins--
Justify goat's hair blankets;
Work believing your sisters
are being slaughtered.
You could never know
your worthless existence unless you realize
it's not your existence that's important.
But flesh for food.
We appear dumb,
Believe me...it's not we who are dumb.
Look at yourselves savagely butchering
Each other.
For we know our existence is meaningless
To you.
But why is human life
so meaningless to each other?
Hurt severs all love that binds.
Pain will never cease unless you end pain
For every living thing.